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Screenshots of the Airside Manager (Employers)

Below is a quick overview of the Airside Manager tool for employers, to give a quick understanding of how the system can increase your airside processing volume and accuracy whilst reducing the time required to manage your applicants. It is by no means the full extent of what The Airside Manager offers.

Your Company Dashboard

Your company dashboard gives you a quick overview of your airside and company activities on The Airside Manager, including how many individuals are ready for their airside pass.

Airside Manager Dashboard

How You Add Applicants/Employees

To add an employee to your company, send them an 'Alert' which is an email based invite containing the relevant information on how and where to register. Employees register on a different portal to the employers, but once registered they will be assigned to your company only.

Airside Manager Alerts

Your Assigned Employees/Applicants

Once your employee/applicant has registered, they will appear in your Assigned Applicant list - here you get a quick overview of the airport and department (if any) you have assigned them to, plus if they have fully completed their profile details, and provided referencing information for a full 5-years without any unaccounted periods. By clicking the person's name (blurred out in this example) you will taken to their full details.

Airside Manager Applicants

Viewing And Editing Your Employee/Applicant Details

From the applicants Profile pages you can view all the information that the person has submitted to date. As administrator you can make any changes to the information. You can also see an overview of the reference periods that are covered, which highlights any unaccounted periods in excess of 28 days. Once the applicant has provided what you think is enough information to start the Airside Pass process, you then add them to your Airside Processing section.

Airside Manager Editing Tool

Acknowledging CRB Expiries and requirements

The Airside Manager takes into account that a UK CRB is only valid for 10 weeks after the issue date. The system will warn you and the applicant of any nearing expiry dates, and once past the 10 week period, the UK CRB will show as invalid.

Overseas disclosures are required for persons that have lived in another country for longer than 28 days in the last 5-years. If the applicant has lived abroad during this time, the system will ask for further information and determine whether an overseas disclosure is required, and include the information in the Airside status of the person. The Airside Manager will also void an Overseas Disclosure if it was issued before the applicant moved to this country.

Airside Manager CRBs

The Airside Processing Section

The Airside Processing tool shows a list of the staff that you have selected for Airside Processing. Here you have a main overview of each applicant, and if they have provided a full 5 years history, and the status of each of their references:- if you have sent out the reference request, or if it has been received etc.

Also displayed are whether the applicant has a GSAT and UK Disclosure, and if they are eligible for an Overseas CRB. The system forces the applicant to provide all the required information and where documents are required (such as GSAT/CRB) they are prompted to add any expiry dates and upload copies of the certificates for you to validate.

Once an applicant has provided all of the required information, and you have received all of the references back from the referees, the system will update the relevant applicant as 'Ready' (highlighted in green).

Airside Manager Editing Tool

Generating References and Editing Airside Details

By clicking the View link on the Airside Processing page, you can drill down into the applicants airside information and make changes/updates when appropriate.

As the applicants employer, you are responsible to send out the reference requests to each of the given referees. To generate a reference, click the 'Create' button next to each reference (circled in red below) and a reference request will be created in PDF format using the information provided by your applicant. The reference request will include all the information required, including an introductory letter all conforming to Airport standards as set out by the DFT. Simply print off the reference and post if off. To use the reference generator, you must upload a copy of your logo.

You should update the status when you send out a reference, or if you have received a reference. This is the only information you need to provide to keep the system in full control of your Airside processing.

Airside Manager Editing Tool

Applicant Timeframes

Collecting the correct infromation from an applicant is typically a main cause for delays. The Airside Manager enables you to choose a timeframe for the applicant to submit their information. This could be either 7, 14, 21 or 28 days from the date they registered.

Airside Manager Timeframes

The applicant is advised from an un-missable display in his profile area, of the deadlines he has to complete the required information in. He is advised that after this deadline his system will freeze, and he will no longer be able to submit his information.

If the applicant has not provided all of the information within the given timescales, he is given instructions on how to contact the relevant employer and ask to have an extended period of time to complete his information. The employer can extend the deadline from their employee portal.

The continuous deadlines displayed to the applicant highlight the urgencies by them to obtain their Airside Pass as soon as possible.

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