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What is The Airside Manager?

The Airside Manager is an online reporting system, specifically developed to manage the processing of airport airside passes. The standards worked to are continually updated to meet the requirements of all UK Airports as regulated by The DFT.

How can we help?

The Airside Manager can be used in two ways to support your airside pass requirements.....

Airside Manager Option #1 - Outsource Your Airside Requirements

If you want to outsource your entire process, from collecting all required information from your employees, including completed references, GSAT training and CRB certificates, Rekruit can offer a comprehensive screening service which uses the Airside Manager to provide you with a detailed reporting system showing the progress of each of your employees.

For a cost effective service to support your Airside Pass demands, Rekruit Limited can manage the entire process on your behalf, and after a few short weeks provide you with a completed file for your employee to apply for an Airside Pass.

Rekruit can also provide certified translations for any non-English documents that will be submitted to the airport ID Centre.

The full screening service is chargeable per employee (on completion and acceptance with the ID Centre), and the price will include the cost of the UK CRB, GSAT and any translation charges.

Airside Manager Option #2 - Manage Your Own Applicants

You can use the Airside Manager to process your own applicants. Full training is given to show how to set your company up, add unlimited administrators to help with your processing, and how your employees/applicants start to register.

Once applicants are assigned to your company on The Airside Manager, they will be prompted to provide all information, such as their 5 year referencing history without any unaccounted periods, CRB documents (including overseas if required), GSATs etc.

The system then tells the applicant if the information they have provided is satisfactory or unsatisfactory in accordance with the airport guidelines. If any section is unsatisfactory, the Airside Manager gives the applicant a clear explanation on why, and what to do to change it.

Once the referencing information has been provided, you can use the one-click reference generator, to automatically produce an airport approved reference request to send out.

All actions are logged, so you will know which references have been sent and which have been received. Once all the references have been received, and the additional supporting documents such as CRBs and GSAT are complete, the system will flag this person as ready to be submitted to the ID Centre for their Airside Pass.

A minimal monthly fee is chargeable to companies who want to manage their own employees.

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